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Knock 10 shots off your score in weeks
.. using the One Shot Away programme
Are you ready to join the PIN SEEKERS and achieve your lowest round yet? 
Join me on a journey to better golf, following my unique 6 week coaching plan that’s specifically designed to help golfers of all abilities improve all areas of their game!

Do you struggle with any, or all, of the following?

  • Not knowing what, or how, to practice?
  • Intimidated by confusing golf jargon?
  • Lowering your scores due to lack of consistency?
  • Nervous and scared to get out on the golf course?
  • ​Time to dedicate to hitting 1000’s of balls on the practice area?

If you’re ready to go from being an inconsistent golfer that’s struggling to improve, to being a confident golfer that practices simple drills designed to lower their scores, then you need someone who’s been in your shoes to help you on your journey! 

Fortunately for you, I’ve created a solution that does just this!


This program is designed for people that:

  • Struggle to improve
  • Can’t afford expensive, in-person lessons
  • Require accountability and motivation
  • Lack time to practice 
  • Need support and guidance
  • Want to join a community of like minded golfers striving to be their best
  • Need an injection of fun back into their golf
  • Confused by technical golf jargon
  • Need an easy to follow, step by step plan


The One Bucket Master

Learn how to use just one bucket of range balls to proactively practice, saving you time. 

Dial in Your Distances

Become a master of distance control, saving you unnecessary shots out on the golf course.

Gear Up for the Course

Take your range practice to the golf course and learn how to implement your new techniques.

Play a Hole

Utilise what you have learned by playing 1 golf hole. Both time efficient and effective, cementing your new strategies and techniques.

Phone a Friend

It’s time to invite some friendly competition! Get a friend to join you, this is your chance to show off your skills under a little bit of pressure!

Complete the Loop

Bring all of your learnings together and tackle 9 holes on the course. 


Bonus #1

Weekly Group Feedback Calls So You Can Make Quick Progress - via Zoom

Bonus #2

Your golf set-up cheat sheets, product from website

Bonus #3

Accountability WhatsApp Group to keep you motivated 

Bonus #4

Your own App to practice anywhere, any time

Bonus #5

Discounted Monthly Coaching: Including Access To New Content, Weekly Coaching Calls


My name is Damon Wood and I am a qualified PGA Professional that has been coaching new and experienced golfers for over 10 years! Throughout this time I have learned the benefits of simple and structured coaching, designed to be easily digestible and fun to follow. 

I was once a beginner golfer and I struggled with the amount of technical speak in golf. Lessons were confusing, it was information overload constantly and I struggled to know where to focus my practice. My scores just never got better! 

Since I started coaching, I have found that my struggles have helped make my teaching more relatable because I’ve been in those shoes before! I now coach a lot of golfers, both new and experienced, and help them achieve their goals by keeping it simple and enjoyable! 

Do you relate to all of the above and you’re ready to start your journey to better, more enjoyable golf?

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