Hi, I'm Damon,
I help every level of golfer learn to play golf in the simplest way and fastest time possible
It doesn’t need to take years to learn how to play Golf. You don’t need to labour over boring practice and tedious drills. Learning to play golf can be faster, more fun, and easier than you thought. Let me show you how.
How Long Does it Take to Learn to Play Golf?
Many people ask, “How long does it take to learn to play golf?” 

Damon spent 12 years of his childhood being taught to play golf through traditional coaching. At the end of his lessons, he realised he only knew how to play on the driving range. There had to be a better way to learn golf fast.

Does this sound like a struggle you’ve been through? 

How many times have you thought “I want to learn how to play golf,” only to find even basic golf lessons tough, boring, or too slow to see real results? Or maybe lessons begin to feel like a drag, instead of the creative outlet they’re supposed to be.

The problem isn’t with you – the problem is with your golf lessons.

In fact, you can learn golf in-person or online within a very short space of time – perhaps even less than one month! How? 

By focusing on learning golf how it's been designed to be played, not just the same boring shots and old-fashioned exercises solely on the driving range. After all, most of us aren’t trying to play the perfect shot on the driving range. 
We want to play and perform out on the golf course, where we see the best players in the world playing week in week out.
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"Excellent golf coach. A simple yet effective teaching style produces effective technique and judgement improvements. My handicap dropped by 5 shots last year mainly down to listening to Damon’s advice."
 Derek Gough, Cheshire, UK

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